Update on Referrals Received

We have had some heartbreaking referrals this week – to hear that children are sleeping on concrete floors on “paper thin duvets”, in bare properties is bad enough – but when these families have already been through domestic violence makes it so much worse. Three desperate families this week have been supported with beds, bedding, fridges, cookers, washing machines, household items, clothing, vouchers to buy neccessities, cleaning equipment, toiletries, foodshops etc. One of the families had been given a foodbank voucher, but couldn’t even afford a can opener to open the tins she had been given. We continue to be humbled that we can support these families, and they are so very grateful. We hope Christmas is now an easier time for them, and they continue to try and improve their lives. We have to say a massive ongoing thank you to 4Com – your amazing donation last year (through the Isle of Wight Challenge), continues to support all these families, and they are literally in tears with gratitude. Kaos Beds and Southern Domestic Appliances continue to provide an amazing service, reacting quickly and sympathetically for our clients. We are holding off donations of items at the moment due to Christmas gifts, but a monetary donation would be fantastic. Every penny goes to the families. Details of how you can donate (even £1) is shown futher down our page. Thank you