Mission Christmas Makes Christmas Happen

With the continued support of Wave 105 Mission Christmas and other local Companies and individuals, we fulfilled all Christmas gift referrals received. These were purely for children who would otherwise go without a gift. Reasons varied from children living in poverty, or who have been subject to neglect, abuse, or been through domestic violence.
Some of the feedback we received – “I just wanted to say a big thank you, I gave out all the Christmas presents last week to the vulnerable families, they were all so grateful and wanted me to pass on their appreciation, so thank you, it really does make a huge difference to these families “
“I am wondering if you can help with any gifts for a toddler and his baby sister. The family have recently been evicted (through no fault of their own) and their benefits have been delayed due to an administrative error. They are currently living in a B&B”
“I know this is late notice before Christmas but this family has only just been allocated to me and they are really struggling financially and have written off Christmas this year. I was hoping we could maybe give them something so they could still have a Christmas meal and gifts”
Without all this support, we wouldn’t be able to provide for struggling families in our local area – so THANK YOU!!!
Wave Mission Christmas 2021