A Busy August so Far

We have had a very busy month so far – in 11 days, we have been requested and have provided the following:- 1 x bed, 2 x fridge freezers, 2 x microwaves, toy storage, 1 x washing machine, 6 x birthday presents, 6 x weekly food shops, day out vouchers, 8 x Lush packs, Birthday cake, Birthday tea, Bedding, Travel Cot, 2 x Cots with mattress, sacks of baby toys, kitchen equipment, 2 x sets of school uniform, a travel system for a newborn, chest of drawers, toys and books, teenage clothing for 4 teenagers, 6 x toiletry packs, ladies clothes for 3 mums, nappies, baby clothes for 3 babies, toddler clothes, a lamp for a toddler’s room, a new television and girls clothes. Thank you all for your support – we run the charity in our spare time, which ensures every penny and item goes directly to these families, and we couldn’t do it without your help.