Update on our Latest Referrals

Apologies for the lack of posts – busy busy busy. Over the last 2 months, we have provided:-
Household items due to domestic violence; School uniform due to poverty, and children unable to attend school; a cotbed mattress due to child neglect; 12 weekly Food shops, reasons varying from being in temporary accommodation, poverty and child neglect; toys/nappies/moses basket for a 4 month old baby in poverty; a single bed for a child on the at risk register; 8no Birthday presents for children in poverty, who would otherwise have not received a birthday present; school uniform for a child due to Domestic Violence and abuse; Baby equipment for a newborn baby born into poverty; toys and toiletries for a large family in poverty; Beds, bedding, furniture for a family in poverty who have been re-housed; fridge freezer, washing machine, microwave for a family in emergency accommodation due to domestic violence; Uniform and foodshop for a family who escaped domestic violence and had to move to a new area; Clothing vouchers for young carers in poverty; Buggy, nappies, and food vouchers for a young mum in poverty; Nappies and clothing for young child who’s mum fled area due to threats to kill; Double bed for a parent sleeping on the floor; Clothing and bed for a child in need; Fridge freezer and bed for a family in poverty; a bed for a child who has left the care system; Double bed for a family in crisis; Curtains for a family who have escaped domestic violence and lived in fear; nappies, food, and baby milk for a baby at risk; Baby milk for a baby living in temporary accommodation; a Stairgate for safeguarding reasons; a folding bed for a mum living in temporary accommodation; a microwave, toys and baby bouncer for a baby who’s mum had fled domestic violence; mattress protectors, microwave and clothing for a family in poverty; a moses basket, sheets, nappies, and baby clothes for a referral from a Safeguarding Midwife; Double bed for a dad who left a refuge; Kitchen equipment, bedding, towels & hoover for a family who had been homeless; Fridge Freezer for a family who had fled domestic violence; School shoes for two children in poverty; Duvet for a young dad who has been housed; Clothing for child due to neglect – (parent’s substance abuse) and Toys and clothing for children being safeguarded.
We have also received referrals for hundreds of children for Christmas gifts – these are children who would otherwise go without a gift on Christmas morning.
As most of you will be aware; two of us run this charity in our spare time; so funding is essential for us to keep going. We receive no Government or Council funding at all. The food shops cost around £100 per family; and you can see above how many we have provided. If anyone can sponsor us; hold a fundraising event etc – this will enable us to carry on through 2023.
Thank you to all our supporters – both individuals and Companies – you know who you are!!