Pre- Christmas Rush

Thank you to the people who have made monetary donations to us during the past few weeks. Your generousity has paid for 4 x Christmas food shops for families who would otherwise have had very grim Christmases with their children. During the past week, we have provided 6 x weekly food shops, which consist of fresh meat, fresh vegetables, dairy products, bakery products, treats, tinned items (basically what we are all lucky enough to afford each week) – we have had tears of joy, and thank you texts saying “we have made their Christmas” – This week we have also provided bunk beds, and a single bed for a family in poverty who were all sleeping on a sofa bed together; a single bed for a child in poverty; birthday presents; party food and treats for a local play centre for underprivileged children; treats and a bouncy castle hire for a school hosting a party for underprivileged children; and continuing to sort though the many hundreds of Christmas Present requests. Every £1 donated goes directly to the families in need – so THANK YOU SO MUCH!!