Poverty Getting Worse for Local Families

2022 has already brought a huge increase in poverty for many families. In February, we provided:-
18 weekly food shops – reasons range from poverty, covid health issues, mental health, children in need, sexual abuse (had to move area with very little). cap in benefits
A CD player – for a child with special needs
3 Fridge Freezers – reasons range from poverty, domestic violence, and moved from a hostel
2 Washing Machines – reasons range from cancer diagnosis (causing poverty due to not working) and a family leaving the refuge
Toys & Games – for a child who had come out of care back to their parent
School shoes for a child in poverty
A dehumidifier – for a family in temporary accommodation and had a child with health needs
14 mattresses – reasons range from domestic violence, recent bereavement, recently homelessness, poverty
2 x Double Beds – Due to poverty
Bedding – reasons range from poverty, neglect, abuse and domestic violence
Clothing for a teenager in poverty
Single Bed – child sleeping on the floor
Toiletries – a family in poverty, teenagers had no toiletry products
Hoover – family in poverty, and a family who had been through domestic violence
A toddler bed for a family in poverty (child sleeping on mattress with parent on the floor)
3 sets of bunks beds – reasons due to poverty, domestic violence and neglect
Toddler clothing – following domestic violence, had to flee area
Baby Cot, bedding and sleep grow bags – For a baby living with young parent in assisted living
Stairgates – Due to neglect and poverty
Cot bed – for a family who’s toddler child was still sleeping in a cot
We wouldn’t be able to provide this service without ongoing support from all the local families and Companies, and we thank you so much!!!
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