The Must Have Children’s Book

Nikki Cadby from Rustic & Retro Cakery has always supported us with cakes and fundraisers. We are proud to be able to share some support for her. She featured in this weeks “Local Trader of the Week” in Bournemouth Echo, and is currently promoting the fantastic children’s book written by her Therapist, aimed at helping children understand their emotions and how they deal with different situations in their lives.
One of our youngest volunteers (Anna’s granddaughter Beatrix) has a copy of the book, and can’t wait to start reading it, and tucking into the cakes!!
Take a look at the link for purchasing the book; and also the raffle being held by Nikki (Link further down our page).
Picture below showing Nikki on the left and Beverley Davies (Author) on the right
book2 book1 book

Cheeky Little Donation!

Thank you so much to Cheeky Rascals for donating 5 wall mounted nursery heaters and 5 free standing nursery heaters. They emailed us the following:-
“I was reading an article and Press release about local people being forced to decide between heating and eating.
As a team this really saddened us and we want to help in any small way we can.
We have a product that we would love to donate to your charity for you to use as you wish. See below. With heating bills soaring, families using the Reer Heaters to heat one part of their home might be a better idea than heating a whole house for example.”
These will be given to families who are referred to us for this support.
Thank you!!!
heAT 1 heat

Children Helping Children

We were touched when a local mum contacted us saying
“Hello. my 9 year old son has held a sweet sale today to raise money for charity. He feels sad that some children aren’t as lucky as him and that they might not have any toys. Would you prefer a cash donation or could he go and buy toys for your charity? please let me know as I think your charity seems like the perfect charity to receive the money he has raised.
Best wishes
Caroline Richards
These are the toys he bought with the money from his sweet sale! What a little star!!

New Year – Same Problems

It’s been a tough few years for local families, and this is sadly continuing into 2022. With Covid and an increase in unemployment, mental health, domestic violence, utility bills etc, it has had a huge impact.
Over the last few weeks, we have provided the following:-
Mattress for a child sleeping on the floor (Mental health/poverty)
Food shop for a family unable to afford this due to high heating costs
A big increase in referrals from DWP, Universal Credits and desperate parents – requesting food/beds etc
Food shop for a family with a special needs child and no food in the cupboard
A baby monitor for a mum about to be made homeless, with a newborn
Cot, mattress and bedding for a child with special needs who had destroyed theirs and was sleeping on a broken cot base
A door monitor and personal alarms for a parent and child who had been through domestic violence
Food shop for a family who had all been self isolating due to covid and had no money for food
A family who had no gas or electric on their pay meter, no food and no school shoes. We provided a large food shop and shoes so they are now able to attend school
A fridge freezer for a family who had been through domestic violence and were re-homed with no fridge/freezer provided
A cotbed for a child still sleeping in a moses basket due to poverty
Stairgates and baby items – due to a home being smashed up by a family member and these items being destroyed
Food and essential toiletries to a family who were struggling to pay their bills
A birthday gift for a child who had been through domestic violence and parent had no access to funds
We are so grateful to you all for supporting us. We currently have limited availability for donations – so will ask for specific items on here if they are required.
If you are able to organise fundraisers for us through your workplace etc, this would be amazing – two of us run the charity in our spare time, so every £1 really does make a huge difference. THANK YOU

Mission Christmas Makes Christmas Happen

With the continued support of Wave 105 Mission Christmas and other local Companies and individuals, we fulfilled all Christmas gift referrals received. These were purely for children who would otherwise go without a gift. Reasons varied from children living in poverty, or who have been subject to neglect, abuse, or been through domestic violence.
Some of the feedback we received – “I just wanted to say a big thank you, I gave out all the Christmas presents last week to the vulnerable families, they were all so grateful and wanted me to pass on their appreciation, so thank you, it really does make a huge difference to these families “
“I am wondering if you can help with any gifts for a toddler and his baby sister. The family have recently been evicted (through no fault of their own) and their benefits have been delayed due to an administrative error. They are currently living in a B&B”
“I know this is late notice before Christmas but this family has only just been allocated to me and they are really struggling financially and have written off Christmas this year. I was hoping we could maybe give them something so they could still have a Christmas meal and gifts”
Without all this support, we wouldn’t be able to provide for struggling families in our local area – so THANK YOU!!!
Wave Mission Christmas 2021

Wave 105 Mission Christmas – Local People Helping Local People

A massive thank you to Wave 105 for the Christmas gifts again this year. This makes so much difference to local children – some of the reasons for referrals – children removed from their abusive parent (and parent has destroyed everything of theirs); children who are living in temporary accommodation (B&B) and only have a few personal items (their favourite toy); children whose parent has escaped domestic violence and they have had to move area to escape the situation (starting again with just a bag of clothes etc). The gifts they receive have a massive positive impact, and without local people and organisations such as Wave 105, and all the Companies and individuals who have donated – this wouldn’t be possible.
A further thank you to Prime Demolition who stepped in for the second year to collect all the gifts from Mission Christmas Headquarters in Hedge End on our behalf. You are all stars!!
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