Heartbreaking Stories of Children in Poverty with No Christmas Gifts

We are starting to get the Christmas Present Referrals in – makes very sad reading, and reinforces why the need for our Charity in this area is huge. Some of the background stories – “two siblings victims of sexual abuse”; “Young carer age 8 of mum with severe mental health issues”; “Child living with other family members due to mother’s addictions and past domestic violence”; “Parent struggling due to domestic violence”; “Parent in drug recovery, other parent terminally ill“; “Children living in constant fear due to alcoholic parent”; “Young siblings caring for their parents who both have cancer”. These are just a handful of the referrals we are getting in. Let’s help make their Christmas magical – if you would like to make a donation, please visit our website www.ashleysbirthdaybank.com which will show the various ways you can do this. Every pound will make a difference.Thank you