Charity Donation from a 5 Year old Local Boy!

Wow – what a heartwarming email to wake up to ……. “My son recently celebrated his 5th birthday; he was very lucky to have received lots of gifts from friends and family, particularly given all he and his baby sister received over Christmas. I am keen for him to develop and maintain an awareness of the reality other people experience and learn about giving, as well as receiving from, kindness to others. Therefore instead of spending money on thank you cards and the postage, we agreed to give the money towards helping children who are not as lucky as he and his sister. I came across your organisation and it fits perfectly with a cause I had in mind – helping to ensure children still get to have moments as a child despite any complex challenges they maybe experiencing in their lives. It’s only a nominal amount, but having worked in the charity sector myself, I know every pound counts. And perhaps it is a tradition my son and I could go on to have each year! Spreading the word costs nothing though and I have shared information about the amazing work you do with the parents of all the party guests and beyond.

It’s clear from just reading your website how much drive and compassion you all have to reach out to those who may feel unreachable. I’ve no doubt this work is rewarding but I also have no doubt it comes with huge challenges and heartache. So keep up the great work. ”

Thank you so much – your donation means so much to us!!!