Children helping Children

Thank you to an amazing 9 year old girl called Mia who raised £110 for us, by doing a reading challenge she set for herself
She was so chuffed to hear that her money will make a huge difference to local children who are living in poverty. Today we have provided birthday presents for a child who would have gone without any gifts on their special day, and also a food shop for a young carer who, due to tragic circumstances, has had to take on their siblings. Mia’s donation has paid for this – you should be very proud of yourself Mia!
If any parents would like any information about our charity, to put forward to your School’s PTA for fundraising this year, please ask.
Your donations, as above, make the world of difference, as we both run the charity in our spare time, voluntarily – for no financial reward. Something we feel passionate about
Thank you

Local People Helping Local Children This Christmas

Last Christmas, we created an “Amazon Wish List” for people to purchase Christmas gifts for the families we support. This was really successful and we received lots of lovely gifts. We have created a new list for this year – link below. It is set up to automatically deliver to our registered address.

If anyone is able to – please click on the link and purchase a gift. It really does make such a difference; and our Christmas referrals are purely for children who would otherwise wake up to no presents on Christmas morning. Thank you for your continued support.

Rowena – Mrs Christmas

The lovely Rowena Stewart is doing another “Christmas Present Appeal” for us again this year. Last year, everyone was so generous, and the gifts were so very well received by children in poverty in our local area. These gifts go to children who would otherwise go without a present on Christmas morning, so every purchase makes a massive difference. Thank you Rowena, and all the lovely friends and supporters who purchase gifts.
This is the Amazon Wishlist that Rowena has made – please make a purchase, however small, and we will start gifting them shortly through referrals from Social Workers, Police Liaison Officers, Pastoral Care Workers, Health Visitors etc.

Sign up to Amazon Smile

We have signed up to “AMAZON SMILE”

We receive payments directly from them, easily raised by you doing your normal online shopping (at no extra cost to you)

If you sign up at Amazon via and select “Ashley’s Birthday Bank” from the charities listed, then 0.5% of the total cost of your shop is donated to us

A simple and effective way of raising money for us, whilst doing your normal online shop

Please sign up today – thank you by clicking the link below

Baking to Make a Massive Difference

From Nicola Cadby – Rustic & Retro Cakery

I want to say THANK YOU ?. I raised £780 in a day baking cakes to buy coats for children in poverty and under social care.My cake family make me feel so proud to have you all supporting and helping me , not only to raise money and awareness but in my healing process too . I was able to buy every child on my list a coat , pants , vest and gloves . I also bought jeans , jumpers for some boys and baby gro , vest , socks and clothing for a little one year old girl . I got nappies and baby wet wipes . A little boy was into minecraft and has his birthday pending so I got him a jumper and minecraft socks . Another request was for a teenager who’s going through a traumatic time and loved Harry Potter . I got her a pj set , a hoody and a Harry Potter makeup bag and I filled it with toiletries . Elijah my son picked a peppa pig coat and a tractor coat for 2 of the children . I was left with £100 so I got 4 Smiths gift cards to help towards Christmas bits . This was so emotional but beautiful too . To go around the shops and buy all this has been phenomenal inside . To know that all those children will feel like they’ve won the jackpot reaches deep within my heart . To put on a new coat all fresh is the best feeling . To feel special will mean so much . Thank you all for caring for others and doing that bit and making a difference . It’s not what we do in life that matters but it’s who we touch . So we’ve all touched these children’s hearts . Our handprints will be forever on them . Act of kindness through cakes ..


nikm nikki nikk ni

Ashley Bear Goes on Many Adventures to Raise Awareness

So last week Ashley was flying out of a plane today he is in Scotland for half term – follow his adventures

ash scot


Ashley Bear continues to spread the word of our Charity around the globe! Today he has jetted off on the start of a 14 night cruise, including a 9 Island visit, beginning with Barbados. Have a great time Ashley. Telling people about what you do to help the children in our area is vital

ash cruise

One of Co-op’s Chosen Charities

We are lucky enough to be one of the chosen charities for Co-op Stores, in the following stores – Southbourne – Cranleigh Road, Bournemouth BH6 5JL; Southbourne Bournemouth BH5 2JB; Tuckton, Bournemouth BH6 3JZ (all food stores); and Southbourne, Bournemouth BH6 3QS – Funeralcare.

Every time our members shop at the Co-op, 1% of what they spend on Co-op branded products and services helps fund community projects. Members can shop at any Co-op Group stores across the UK to raise money for your cause.

Members can choose which causes to support by signing into their membership account or by calling the membership helpline on 0800 023 4708. Your cause will be available for members to select until November 2019.



Would you Hold a Fundraising Event for Us?

If anyone would like to hold a fundraiser in their office/school etc – £120.00 will pay for a single bed, mattress and bedding for a child currently sleeping on the floor, or in a travel cot at 4/5 years old. As you can imagine, a bed makes the world of difference to these children, many of whom have already been through an horrific ordeal. Having a warm, safe place to sleep at night shouldn’t be a luxury, but sadly for some of these families, it is.

comm cares

Sign up to Give as You Live – every penny helps

If everyone could share this link to their friends and family – it would be appreciated. If you sign up to “Give as you live” and choose our charity to support. You can shop as normal at sites such as Amazon, Ebay, Asda, Tesco, Argos etc, and we receive a percentage of your purchase (at no extra cost to you) – this is how much I have raised – “Anna – you’ve raised £34.26!
You’re supporting Ashley’s Birthday Bank – they’ve raised £88.98” Every penny makes a difference to us – £15 will buy nappies and milk for a baby in poverty, £50.00 will buy a microwave for a family in B&B accommodation, and £80 will buy a week’s food shop for a family in poverty. Thank you