Busy September/October Period

During the last week of September and the first week of October, we have provided nappies, baby food, and wipes for a baby who’s parents are currently homeless; a baby monitor for a family living in a B&B; a stairgate for a family in poverty; a pram travel system for a family in poverty; an electric cooker for a single mum with mental health issues who was unable to purchase one in her new accommodation; a week’s food shop for a family in poverty; winter clothes for a young child who’s mother was struggling to provide; a microwave and cooking utentils, pots etc for a single mum living in one room who had no provision for warming food; 4 birthday presents for children in the refuge; 2 boxes of small luggage cases going to children who were being taken to temporary foster care, so they can take their treasured possessions with them; a pram for a mum in poverty who also has mental health issues; and a new cot & mattress for a baby who’s mother is struggling with anxiety and ongoing debt. We are starting to make space for Christmas, so will call out for items as and when we need them. Thank you to everyone for your continued support