Busy Month Again for Families who are Struggling

So far this month (14 days) – we have been provided the following items to families (sadly most of whom have been through domestic violence):- Cot mattress, school uniform x 2, childrens clothes for 4 families, toys, books, winter clothes, 8 x birthday presents, 2 x washing machines, 1 x cooker, carpets, stairgates x 5, double mattress, single mattress, a “z” bed, 6 x toiletry/cleaning materials boxes, nappies, 5 x weekly food shops, 2 x pushchairs, 4 x duvet covers and bedding. We are currently trying to clear room for Christmas (we supplied over 800 gifts last year), so will call out for items as referrals come in, in order to keep the storage clear for this. Thank you for your continued support – these families literally have nothing, and have been through a very tough time.