Belated Update for 2021 – We have continued running all through Lockdown!

Huge apologies for the lack of updates – it has been busy both with the charity and for us at home. Referrals are requested from Social Workers, Police Liaison Officers, School Pastoral Care Workers, Midwife, Refuge Workers etc.
The reason for the referral ranges from children under child protection, poverty, covid related issues, neglect, mental health & domestic violence.
Since January, we have provided the following:-
26 weekly food shops, 6 birthday gifts, 4 stairgates, belated Christmas gifts for two families (we weren’t made aware of their plight until after Christmas), 3 pushchairs, a mobile phone for a domestic violence referral, so mum could contact people, 3 lots of bedding, 9 single beds for children, 4 double beds, 4 cots, 5 washing machines (most of these cases were from children being found in filthy conditions, and dirty clothes), provided clothing for 5 families, 5 hoovers (these are essential when children are under child protection, as helps the parent keep the home clean), 2 highchairs, toys for 6 families, as children had nothing to play with, 8 lots of baby equipment for setting up mum for their newborn (most of these were from asylum seekers and babies born into this environment), 2 prams, school trousers to enable a child to start back at school, 2 fridge freezers for families moving into a new home after fleeing domestic violence
We are so grateful to everyone who supports us, both local companies who support us financially, and local people who donate items. We currently have a lot of items in storage, so will call out for things if we are in need of them.