Baking to Make a Massive Difference

From Nicola Cadby – Rustic & Retro Cakery

I want to say THANK YOU ?. I raised £780 in a day baking cakes to buy coats for children in poverty and under social care.My cake family make me feel so proud to have you all supporting and helping me , not only to raise money and awareness but in my healing process too . I was able to buy every child on my list a coat , pants , vest and gloves . I also bought jeans , jumpers for some boys and baby gro , vest , socks and clothing for a little one year old girl . I got nappies and baby wet wipes . A little boy was into minecraft and has his birthday pending so I got him a jumper and minecraft socks . Another request was for a teenager who’s going through a traumatic time and loved Harry Potter . I got her a pj set , a hoody and a Harry Potter makeup bag and I filled it with toiletries . Elijah my son picked a peppa pig coat and a tractor coat for 2 of the children . I was left with £100 so I got 4 Smiths gift cards to help towards Christmas bits . This was so emotional but beautiful too . To go around the shops and buy all this has been phenomenal inside . To know that all those children will feel like they’ve won the jackpot reaches deep within my heart . To put on a new coat all fresh is the best feeling . To feel special will mean so much . Thank you all for caring for others and doing that bit and making a difference . It’s not what we do in life that matters but it’s who we touch . So we’ve all touched these children’s hearts . Our handprints will be forever on them . Act of kindness through cakes ..


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