April Update

We continue to be busy during lockdown – over the past few weeks we have provided bedding and kitchen equipment for a parent leaving the refuge; 16 food shops; 2 x mattresses for a family leaving the refuge; 2 x birthday presents for children in poverty; a travel cot for a child in poverty; a fridge freezer for a parent who had escaped domestic violence; a cooker for a family in poverty; baby equipment for a family in poverty with mental health issues; a cot for a baby living in temporary accommodation; an oven for a family in poverty with learning difficulties; numerous toiletry and cleaning packs for families in poverty; craft items for over 50 children so far; books for a toddler in poverty; Lush Easter goodies for over 50 children and their families; baby equipment for a newborn in poverty; a stairgate for a child under child protection; 2 further stairgates for a family in poverty to keep their child safe; a bedguard for a child in poverty; toys for many children in poverty; and a travel cot for a toddler licing in a small room with their parent. Thank you to everyone who has continued to support us during this even tougher time for the families. If you would like to make a monetary donation, even £1 will buy a craft item. Please see our website for ways to donate (www.ashleysbirthdaybank.com). Every penny goes to the families. Thank you