Another Busy Month

So far this month, our referrals have included: – Pushchair for a mum who is in financial difficulties, stairgates for a family to keep their child safe, food shops x 5 for families in poverty, and unable to feed their children, single bed, chest of drawers and dining table & chairs for a mum and daughter who had just been re-housed; a cooker for a mum of 3 who was unable to cook for her children due to lack of facilities; bedding, sheets and towels for family who have just been re-housed; highchair for young mum; vouchers for clothing and organised new uniform for a family who had a house fire; a fridge freezer and microwave for a mum in poverty; school uniform for a child in poverty; request from the Human Trafficking Refuge for baby clothing, play mat, toys, 2 x pushchairs and a cot bed mattress; and a tumble dryer – from a paramedic visit due to damp condition and child’s respiratory condition.

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