4com smashed it – The Isle of Wight Challenge raised over £30,000 !!!!

To 4com – Where do we begin? – you are all amazing – what you put yourselves through yesterday was incredible, and I hope you realise how much difference this will make to the many families in our area. For example, one of the mums we are supporting at the moment has been living with 3 children in a B&B (one room) for nearly 18 months. They have been waiting to be housed, and have lived in cramped, often noisy, conditions all this time. They are hoping to be housed very soon, and obviously have nothing. Your money will enable us to provide brand new household items to make a safe, happy, comfortable home for her and her three children. Many of the families we support have, unfortunately, witnessed or suffered domestic abuse – and have had to flee their current homes, often moving miles away to live in a safe refuge. We clothe them, provide toys, bedding, food etc – but again, your efforts will ensure we can provide all the items they need, so they can make a new life for themselves in a happy home where they feel safe. We are so sorry we couldn’t be there yesterday to cheer you all on – out of the three Trustees, one of them is due her baby today, one of them is the nanny to be and the other one, coincidentally, is due her grandson tomorrow! We were cheering you on from afar all day and hope that the blisters, cramps, aches and pains will all feel worth it when you realise how many smiles you are going to put on people’s faces. Thank you is not enough. If you take a minute a “like”our Facebook page, you will continue to see where your money is being spent.

4com challenge