Update on our Latest Referrals

Apologies for the lack of posts – busy busy busy. Over the last 2 months, we have provided:-
Household items due to domestic violence; School uniform due to poverty, and children unable to attend school; a cotbed mattress due to child neglect; 12 weekly Food shops, reasons varying from being in temporary accommodation, poverty and child neglect; toys/nappies/moses basket for a 4 month old baby in poverty; a single bed for a child on the at risk register; 8no Birthday presents for children in poverty, who would otherwise have not received a birthday present; school uniform for a child due to Domestic Violence and abuse; Baby equipment for a newborn baby born into poverty; toys and toiletries for a large family in poverty; Beds, bedding, furniture for a family in poverty who have been re-housed; fridge freezer, washing machine, microwave for a family in emergency accommodation due to domestic violence; Uniform and foodshop for a family who escaped domestic violence and had to move to a new area; Clothing vouchers for young carers in poverty; Buggy, nappies, and food vouchers for a young mum in poverty; Nappies and clothing for young child who’s mum fled area due to threats to kill; Double bed for a parent sleeping on the floor; Clothing and bed for a child in need; Fridge freezer and bed for a family in poverty; a bed for a child who has left the care system; Double bed for a family in crisis; Curtains for a family who have escaped domestic violence and lived in fear; nappies, food, and baby milk for a baby at risk; Baby milk for a baby living in temporary accommodation; a Stairgate for safeguarding reasons; a folding bed for a mum living in temporary accommodation; a microwave, toys and baby bouncer for a baby who’s mum had fled domestic violence; mattress protectors, microwave and clothing for a family in poverty; a moses basket, sheets, nappies, and baby clothes for a referral from a Safeguarding Midwife; Double bed for a dad who left a refuge; Kitchen equipment, bedding, towels & hoover for a family who had been homeless; Fridge Freezer for a family who had fled domestic violence; School shoes for two children in poverty; Duvet for a young dad who has been housed; Clothing for child due to neglect – (parent’s substance abuse) and Toys and clothing for children being safeguarded.
We have also received referrals for hundreds of children for Christmas gifts – these are children who would otherwise go without a gift on Christmas morning.
As most of you will be aware; two of us run this charity in our spare time; so funding is essential for us to keep going. We receive no Government or Council funding at all. The food shops cost around £100 per family; and you can see above how many we have provided. If anyone can sponsor us; hold a fundraising event etc – this will enable us to carry on through 2023.
Thank you to all our supporters – both individuals and Companies – you know who you are!!

Local People Helping Local Children This Christmas

Last Christmas, we created an “Amazon Wish List” for people to purchase Christmas gifts for the families we support. This was really successful and we received lots of lovely gifts. We have created a new list for this year – link below. It is set up to automatically deliver to our registered address.


If anyone is able to – please click on the link and purchase a gift. It really does make such a difference; and our Christmas referrals are purely for children who would otherwise wake up to no presents on Christmas morning. Thank you for your continued support.