Wave 105 Mission Christmas – Local People Helping Local People

A massive thank you to Wave 105 for the Christmas gifts again this year. This makes so much difference to local children – some of the reasons for referrals – children removed from their abusive parent (and parent has destroyed everything of theirs); children who are living in temporary accommodation (B&B) and only have a few personal items (their favourite toy); children whose parent has escaped domestic violence and they have had to move area to escape the situation (starting again with just a bag of clothes etc). The gifts they receive have a massive positive impact, and without local people and organisations such as Wave 105, and all the Companies and individuals who have donated – this wouldn’t be possible.
A further thank you to Prime Demolition who stepped in for the second year to collect all the gifts from Mission Christmas Headquarters in Hedge End on our behalf. You are all stars!!
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It’s Christmassssss!!

Thank you so much to Shawn Tayler and his colleagues for donating all these gifts for our families. Your continued support is very much appreciated. These will be distributed through referrals from Social Workers, Midwives, School Pastoral Care Workers, Police Domestic Violence Unit etc, which are coming in daily. Thank you!

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