Wave 105 Cash for Kids

A massive thank you to Wave 105 cash for kids and FJB Hotels for their generous grant for our Beddie Byes Scheme – to provide a new bed and bedding for underprivileged children. Many of whom have suffered poverty, abuse, neglect, human trafficking or domestic violence. Every penny of the donation goes to the families in need.


Extremely Busy Helping Local Families

Apologies for the lack of posts -This update will show you why – we have been very busy over the past month:-
A double bed & mattress, single bed & mattress, toddler bed & mattress gone to a family who fled domestic violence from another area; a stairgate to a child being safeguarded; a £50 Primark voucher to a parent in the refuge who had lost her only possessions of a suitcase of clothes; a foodshop for a family who had taken in a family member’s child; a foodshop for a mum who had changes in benefits and had to borrow £4 from a friend for milk for her toddler; a food shop for a family who had their money stolen and children were not attending school; a washing machine and foodshop for a parent with mental health issues; a single bed & mattress, double bed & mattress, duvets, bedding, hoover and iron for a family who had escaped domestic violence; birthday gifts for children in the refuge; double bedding, small cot, cot bedding and toys to a family living in poor conditions in poverty; 12 x birthday gifts for children in poverty; 3 x single beds for a single parent who had recently been homeless; a single bed for a child at risk due to parent with drug use and subsequent domestic violence attack; a washing machine and single bed for a family who’s child is at risk of neglect due to recent domestic violence; 2 single beds for a family in poverty; nappies and wipes to the refuge; a food shop for a family who have had special guardianship for a young child; pram, nappies, wipes, and baby clothes for a baby who’s parent has just come out of the care system; a food shop including nappies for a parent who has lost their job and was struggling to feed their child; a microwave and foodshop for a family in poverty; a special pressure blanket for a child with autism who’s family are in poverty; bed frame and bedding to a young parent who has been homeless and due a baby – and another food shop for a parent in poverty with mental health issues.
We have also fundraised at a fete and have two more fetes in June. This raises much needed funds to keep the above service going. Thank you to everyone who supports us – the families are always so appreciative of the help they receive. So sad that all this goes on in our local area – let’s all support each other and make a differencedv pov

Mental health symbol conceptual design isolated on white background

Mental health symbol conceptual design isolated on white background