Underprivileged Families Getting the Support they Need

This week we have provided a new mobile phone for a child in care; £100 Primark vouchers, toys and games for children who are being assessed for neglect, and had no clothing; a bed for a child who was made homeless and has been taken in by a friend; a pram, baby bath, nappies, clothes, blankets, moses basket & stand for a baby in the refuge; 2 x single beds with mattresses, a double mattress and a fridge freezer to a single parent moving out of the refuge and setting up a new home; a weekly food shop for a family in poverty, unable to feed their children; a wardrobe for a teenager who has been homeless; a cinema voucher for a child in need, so they can spend much needed quality time with a family member; and a weekly food shop for a young mum and children who’s utility bills had left her with no food for her children. We are also supporting another single parent who is moving out of the refuge next week. Thank you for your continued support.

food shopmosesbed5555

Helping a Baby in Need

New pram, cot and mattress, nappies, baby bath, Lush products, food treats, new baby monitor, new lockable medicine cabinet etc – gone to a mum who’s baby and one sibling have lifelong health issues.


Bringing Some Joy to a Sad Situation

£100 Primark vouchers, warm clothes, “Ashley Bear”, toys and gift set – going to a parent and child who have been through an awful ordeal, and are living in difficult conditions. The voucher will enable them to buy onesies, blankets and hot water bottles, so they can keep warm.


Family Lose Everything in House Fire

Household items including mirror, bedding, towels, cutlery, pillows, glassware, kitchen equipment, and £150 of Primark giftcards – going to a family who have been moved to temporary accommodation following a housefire. We will continue to support this family

house 20180516_181304

1 in 4 Children in the UK Live in Poverty

Another busy week of referrals – a cot mattress and bedding going to a mum who’s child is in child protection; cot, mattress, baby bath, nappies, clothes, toys, new baby bottles, pram travel system, blankets etc, going to a newborn who is living in unsafe conditions and due to go into emergency accommodation; a new double bed base for a mother and child who are in poverty; a new washing machine for a parent in poverty; a Primark voucher for a grandparent who has taken in her grandchild with no clothing; a pram, moses basket, nappies, baby bath, blankets etc to a mother in poverty; a week’s food shopping and guidance with getting transport to school for a mum and child living in a B&B, who only had 49p to last her a week – we had to provide food that could be heated in the shared kitchen (microwave and kettle only); and 2 x stairgates to a child who was in safeguarding.

We appreciate all your continued support – we have a lot of donations in storage at the moment, and will call out for items on here as we need them.


Busy Start to 2019

Happy New Year to everyone. We were back last week, and provided 3 x weekly food shops. These were for desperate families, who are currently struggling financially, and having to make the difficult decision of feeding their children, or keeping them warm. We provided a new washing machine for a single mum who’s current machine had broken, a birthday present for a child in poverty, who would otherwise have gone without, storage units for a parent with mental health issues, who wasn’t coping; and are in the process of providing a new bed and storage for a parent in poverty. Thank you for your continued support.


Year End Update

Well it’s nearly the end of another amazing year with the Charity. We have gone from strength to strength, had a few ups and downs (mostly ups!); helped hundreds and hundreds of local families in poverty; or who have been through domestic violence; neglect; abuse; or mental health issues. Forged fantastic relationships with the Social Workers, Pastoral Care Workers, Refuges, Health Visitors, Police Liaison Officers etc; who refer their clients to us. We want to thank all of you for continuing to support us – every individual who has donated items or paid money to us so we can continue to do what we do; to the local companies who take the time to arrange events; collect gifts; collect money; provide a confidential, efficient, hassle-free service – you are all fantastic. To our volunteers and fellow Trustees – thank you for giving up your time to do what you do. We are shutting down today, so we can start thinking about our own Christmases, but we will still monitor the emails and messages during this period.

We hope you all have a fantastic Christmas, and a Happy, Healthy 2019 – remember “Helping a voluntarily run local charity makes the world of difference – your £1 means £1 being spent on the people in need”. Enjoy the time with your families – Make happy memories and we hope to continue our journey with you all throughout 2019



Pre- Christmas Rush

Thank you to the people who have made monetary donations to us during the past few weeks. Your generousity has paid for 4 x Christmas food shops for families who would otherwise have had very grim Christmases with their children. During the past week, we have provided 6 x weekly food shops, which consist of fresh meat, fresh vegetables, dairy products, bakery products, treats, tinned items (basically what we are all lucky enough to afford each week) – we have had tears of joy, and thank you texts saying “we have made their Christmas” – This week we have also provided bunk beds, and a single bed for a family in poverty who were all sleeping on a sofa bed together; a single bed for a child in poverty; birthday presents; party food and treats for a local play centre for underprivileged children; treats and a bouncy castle hire for a school hosting a party for underprivileged children; and continuing to sort though the many hundreds of Christmas Present requests. Every £1 donated goes directly to the families in need – so THANK YOU SO MUCH!!