Busy Few Weeks

In the last few days, we have provided (or are in the process of providing), 3 x beds/cots for siblings who are all sleeping in travel cots (due to poverty), a weekly food shop for a family in poverty, a single bed for a child sleeping on the floor, a mattress for a child, due to domestic violence, winter clothes and toys for a young child who had no toys at all (human trafficking), and 13 x birthday presents for the children currently in the local refuges.

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Worrying bout the Cost of Starting School

Two more last minute uniforms sorted – one for a parent who has been through domestic violence and had been through so much, there were no funds (or energy) left for school uniform; and a Social Worker met a parent with £7.00 in the bank who was worried that their child would not be able to start school this week. We also provided a week’s shopping for them. We hope all the children have a good term at school.


Feedback from a referral this week – “Dear ladies,
I have just received a lovely message from ************** who wanted me to thank you for the school uniform and food shopping , She said that her sons eyes nearly popped out of his head with all the food!!!

You really do make a huge difference to these families.”

Without your continued support, we would be unable to help these families.

thank youuuu



Finishing off a Very Busy August

During the last two weeks we have provided uniform for 24 children (domestic violence, poverty, child protection referrals); 11 weekly food shops (poverty, domestic violence);, clothing, toys and bedding to a family in poverty;, 2 single beds and mattresses for children who were sleeping on the floor;, a carpet for a child who has been through abuse;, washing machine, fridge and bed for a family who escaped domestic violence;, food shop and baby essentials for a family who escaped domestic violence;, a pushchair for a family in poverty;, furniture, food, washing machine and fridge for a family in poverty ; food and a birthday present for a child in poverty; birthday gift and birthday cake for a child in poverty;, a hoover for a family who’s child in under child protection;, bedding and toiletries for a family who fled domestic violence;, a new rug for a child with no carpet in their room;, a cooker for a family in poverty;, 2 single mattresses for a family who took in children due under child protection;, 2 x single beds for a family in poverty;, a set of bunk beds and mattresses for a family in poverty;, a wardrobe and chest of drawer for a family in poverty; and £100 Primark vouchers for a family in poverty who have no clothing for the children.

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Parents Struggling to Provide School Uniform

We had referrals for new school uniform for 24 children. Reasons for referrals were poverty, awaiting universal credits and families who had escaped domestic violence and left everything behind. We hope all the children feel smart in their uniforms, and have a good school year. Thank you to Nicola Cadby Mooney from Rustic & Retro Cakery who has raised £101.00 from raffles towards our uniform purchase. We really appreciate your kind gesture xx

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