Heartbreaking Domestic Violence Situation

We can’t go into too much detail (for obvious reasons) but we had a heartbreaking request to provide everything from food shopping, toys, beds, washing machine, bedding, clothes , furniture, toiletries, cleaning equipment etc following a domestic violence situation which has left the family with nothing. We are so grateful to 4Com for their support this year which helps us provide a new start in situations like this. Very sad to see a little child sat on the floor with very little around them – saying “thank you” for some toys we have given them. Both sleeping on the floor until their new beds arrive. It is so hard to understand how someone can treat another human being like this. We will continue to support them and couldn’t do it without your help

Essentials Packs for New Starters

A vital box of items for families starting again in a new home, or in temporary accommodation.  They contain toiletries, cleaning equipment and sanitary items.

Every penny raised goes towards items like these – please support us to continue this work

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