A Fun Day Had By All

We attended the Fun Day at Hurn Bridge Sports & Social Club on Sunday – we made £176.00 and also raised the profile of our charity, which is just as important.  Thank you to everyone who donated prizes, teddies etc, and to the people who turned up to support us!  We also had a visit from one of our Newest Recruits!

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Referrals Still Flooding In

It’s been another busy week – we have provided/are providing boys clothes, baby clothing, highchair, nappies, baby milk, bedding, a washing machine, children’s shoes, older boys clothing and trainers, 3 x food shops, birthday presents, two sets of school uniform, travel cot, and are trying to source a cheap provider for triple bunk beds and carpet. These families are going through very difficult times, including domestic violence, poverty, alcohol abuse, neglect etc. We never fail to be amazed by the resilience of these families – especially the children. We can make a difference in a small way, and help them turn their lives around, and move forward. Thank you all for your continued support – a special thank you to AOK Rucksack Appeal – who always help whenever they can – Charities working together to support local people

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Appreciation Makes Us Humble

Comments received this week – From a Social Worker – “Thank you so much. Without amazing people like you, nothing would ever change”; From a single mum struggling to feed her children; “Hi there, I tried to call you to say thank you for the shopping that we received. I am lost for words at such generosity, I’m having an awful time at the moment, and didn’t realise that there were charities out there such as this. Please let me know if there is anything I can do in return” . This is the reason we are here, and, as supporters of our Charity, you are all part of this. The cost of food is increasing all the time – we average £70 per food shop and in the last 11 days have provided 6. If you can support us at your place of work (with a collection tin or charity event), or could sponsor our charity for a minimal monthly donation, please get in touch. Thank you xxx


A Busy August so Far

We have had a very busy month so far – in 11 days, we have been requested and have provided the following:- 1 x bed, 2 x fridge freezers, 2 x microwaves, toy storage, 1 x washing machine, 6 x birthday presents, 6 x weekly food shops, day out vouchers, 8 x Lush packs, Birthday cake, Birthday tea, Bedding, Travel Cot, 2 x Cots with mattress, sacks of baby toys, kitchen equipment, 2 x sets of school uniform, a travel system for a newborn, chest of drawers, toys and books, teenage clothing for 4 teenagers, 6 x toiletry packs, ladies clothes for 3 mums, nappies, baby clothes for 3 babies, toddler clothes, a lamp for a toddler’s room, a new television and girls clothes. Thank you all for your support – we run the charity in our spare time, which ensures every penny and item goes directly to these families, and we couldn’t do it without your help.


Making Birthdays a Happy Occasion

There have been a lot of birthday requests in the last few weeks – here is a snapshot of some of the gifts provided – to put a smile on the faces of children who have been through so much, and receive so little.  One of them said “I don’t mind if I don’t receive a present this year, I know my mum loves me” – we were able to provide for them all.

birthday week

School Uniform for a Single Mum

We were asked to provide school uniform for a mum who was worried about sending her children back to school with no uniform as she had no money to buy any.  Thank you to the donations received from our call out for uniform – we were able to provide this


Busy Week

It has been a busy week  – we attended a Medium Night where we held a raffle and raised £111.00 – thank you to Micky Havelock and Mark Stone for inviting us.  We have also provided a washing machine for a single dad who was washing clothes in the sink with washing up liquid, a fridge freezer and cooker for a mum who had fled domestic violence with nothing, and Lush packs to the refuge to give the mum’s a bit of luxury and make them feel good about themselves.


busy week